PVA Fiber

  • 3S Low Temperature Water Soluble Fiber(PVA Fiber)

    3S Low Temperature Water Soluble Fiber(PVA Fiber)

    The low-temperature water-soluble fiber is taken PVA as raw material and adopted a gel spinning technique with the following features:

    1. Low water soluble temperature. It leaves no residue when dissolves in water at 20-60 ℃. The Sodium sulfide method can only produce ordinary fibers soluble in a high temperature of 80 ° C or higher.

    2. Suitable for textile processing due to its high fiber strength, round fiber cross section, good dimensional stability, moderate linear density and the elongation.

    3. Good resistance to insects and mildew, good resistance to light, much lower strength loss than other fibers on long exposure to sunlight.

    4. Non-toxic and harmless to human and environment. The absence of sodium sulfide leads to free dust hazard during spinning process.

  • High Tenacity High Modulus Pva Fiber

    High Tenacity High Modulus Pva Fiber

    The capacity of high tenacity high modulus PVA fiber is 15 ktpa,which features high tenacity, high modulus, low elongation, excellent dispensability, alkali resistance, affinity for cement, and etc. It will provide the concrete and mortar with such properties as anti-cracking, impermeability, reinforcement, tenacity, anti-impact, abrasion resistance, frost-resistance, and so on. It can also be used as reinforcing material for plastic products.

  • Water Soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) Fiber

    Water Soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) Fiber

    The capacity of water soluble fiber is 19 ktpa. S-9、S-8、SS-7、SS-4、 SS-2 fiber represents our water soluble products with respective dissolving temperature of 90℃、80℃、70℃、40℃、20℃.The products can be used in cotton spinning, linen spinning. Wool spinning and silk spinning in pure or blend. The blended fiber or carrier yarn, pure water soluble yarn and non-woven fabric are well sold in the world.